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Nurse's Office

Welcome to the nurse's office! My name is Mandi Barry and I am the nurse at DPS. It is my goal to keep all of our students healthy and ready to learn. During the school year we will be focusing on preventive measures such as good hand washing and hygiene and proper containment of cough and cold germs, along with good nutrition and dental health.

Each year the students at DPS undergo screening for vision and hearing problems. This is not a complete exam and is meant only as a screening tool to see if your child needs to be evaluated by a vision or hearing professional. Regardless of screening results, if your child is having problems in class, you should seek the advice of your primary care physician or vision specialist. 

If your child has special medical needs, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can work together to be sure those needs are met during the school day. I am always available during the day for questions and/or suggestions on how I can better meet the needs of our students and their parents.

I can be reached by either calling the school at 307-358-3502 or by email

Ms. Mandi